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A Matter of Integrity: Your questions to Steve Chalke answered

It’s taken a little longer than I would have liked, but I’ve put together this video response to the key questions that have been raised in the MOI conversation so far.

I hope it’s helpful. Please keep the conversation going and please do come back to me with your thoughts and feedback.

God bless,



A word of thanks…and next steps

Since I published my article – ‘A Matter of Integrity’ – on Tuesday 15th January, I have been really encouraged to see that so many people are already engaging in the open, honest and gracious conversation around the issues that were raised, about the wider nature of inclusion and the central issue, for all Christians, of Biblical interpretation.

I would like to thank everyone who has taken part in this discussion.  Be it in published articles, statements to the press, interaction through our blog and social media, or in direct communication with me personally, the vast majority of comments – whether of agreement or disagreement – have been respectful and dignified.  It is, in my view, essential that our conversation is conducted graciously, regardless of view point. Thank you for helping that to happen.

During the early stages of the conversation a number of important and interesting questions and comments have been put to me, via various published responses to my articles. Before responding to these themes, I will ensure that I fully digest the arguments and discussion points.  Having done this, I will post a full response…

God bless you all,

Steve Chalke

P.s.  There now are downloadable pdf files of both the abridged and full length versions of my article available on the Oasis UK website. Also visit the site to watch my video statement, access a range of resources including a helpline, and sign up to be part of the discussion and debate evening on 6th March at Oasis Church Waterloo.

A MATTER OF INTEGRITY: The Church, sexuality, inclusion and an open conversation

In January 2013, Steve Chalke, founder of Christian charity Oasis and leader of Oasis Church Waterloo published an article entitled ‘A Matter of Integrity’.  In this article, Steve raised asked honest questions about how we interpret the bible, particularly in relation to same-sex relationships.  However, the main purpose of the article was to call the Church to an open and honest conversation on these issues.

This blog seeks to help facilitate that conversation.  We invite you to read Steve’s article and leave your own thought, comments and questions below.

NB While all views are welcome we ask that all comments are expressed with compassion, respect and tolerance to those that might disagree with us.